Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just ordered a few more parts...

Slowly but surely, I will get all the parts I need. After listening to the sound clip on Thrush's website, I decided to get the Thrush Fully welded mufflers from Amazon.  Love the free shipping and low prices.  From what I have read, they sound nice and deep without the resonance that you might get with Flowmaster Mufflers.  Once I get them installed (a long way down the road), I'll see if I can get a sound clip of them running on my 302.

I also got a coil.  I went with the PerTronix 40011 Flame-Thrower 40,000 Volt 1.5 ohm Coil.  This should work well with the Ford Duraspark II ignitiion that I will be running.   I will still need to run a ballast resistor from what I understand.  It seems that the Duraspark control module will run a coil without a ballast resistor (the original harnesses had a resistor wire) , but the module won't last as long.

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