Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Front clip mock up with new wheels and tires

Here is the front end mocked up with B/G Rod Works Gasser Gun Metal Wheel in 5x4 3/4 bolt pattern with 225/55-17 General Altimax tires.  The front end has the springs out to get ready for air bags, but I have blocks of wood in place to hold it at ride height.

I haven't mocked up the rear yet, but they will be 255/60-17 General Altimax tires as well on the same 17X8 B/G Rod Works Gasser Gun Metal Wheels.  I will need to get new axles with the correct bolt pattern and then I can mount the rear disc brake conversion kit and the wheels.  My hope is that it will have a slight rake if my calculation are correct and look nice when the air is out.