Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Front clip mock up with new wheels and tires

Here is the front end mocked up with B/G Rod Works Gasser Gun Metal Wheel in 5x4 3/4 bolt pattern with 225/55-17 General Altimax tires.  The front end has the springs out to get ready for air bags, but I have blocks of wood in place to hold it at ride height.

I haven't mocked up the rear yet, but they will be 255/60-17 General Altimax tires as well on the same 17X8 B/G Rod Works Gasser Gun Metal Wheels.  I will need to get new axles with the correct bolt pattern and then I can mount the rear disc brake conversion kit and the wheels.  My hope is that it will have a slight rake if my calculation are correct and look nice when the air is out.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Here is some images of the front cab corner / cab brace rot

Here are some of the pic of the drivers side front. This one was easily the worst of the two.

Here is the Passenger side...not as bad.

Here is the fuel filler.  I plan to weld in a piece for this.

Here is a hole in the upper driver's side of the bed.  It looks like it could have been for an antenna, or possibly a fuel tank in the bed.  (there was a fuel diverter valve in the cab.)

Here are the rear cab corners... again the drivers side is the worst by far. I think the damage was compounded by a failed repair attempt via duct tape and fiber glass.

I have one more small piece of the passenger side floor to replace and then I'll get some more pics of the repair posted.

Til next time.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slow progress, but progress none the less...

I have been working on the rear suspension getting the triangulated 4 link installed and set up correctly.  I would have killed to have a plasma cutter like the one below. (Yes, it is on my Amazon Wish list).

But for now, I am burning through 4.5" Metal Cut off wheels cutting plate to box the frame, and they get expensive pretty quickly.  I found a 50 Pack on Amazon which equates to about 55 cents each.  Much better price than the local home stores or even HF.  Free shipping to boot. They are working good for me. I also love their  I primarily use a Black and Decker angle grinder to do my cutting.  It is rock solid and I really like the trigger switch.

I think my goal is something along the lines of a mild pro-touring sort of truck.

I built a new work bench using the 2x4 Basics kit.  It turned out really well and is surprisingly solid.

Have a good one.