Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best tool purchase I have made in a while.

I got very tired of using a hand drill to make several repetitive holes in a piece of steel, so I began to think about a drill press.  Of course I had dreams of grandeur and wanted a "bigger is better" drill press until I saw what they cost!  So then I went down the rabbit hole of how much drill press can I get for a certain amount of money.  We all know that there is a crossing point where the item stops being a value based on its short comings either in quality for function.  That meant I had to decide what I really needed.  I went and looked at the Ryobi 10 inch bench top drill press at Home Depot, mostly because it was convenient and I got to actually get hands on the device.  It didn't appear too bad, but when I researched the reviews I came to an entirely different conclusion. Quite honestly, it most likely would have worked for everything I was ever going to do with it, but I thought I'd shop around a little bit for a similar product.

 After some online research I found the SKIL 10 inch bench top model and the reviews were pretty good, both at the SKIL tool web site and Amazon.  Like the Ryobi ZRDP102L 10"Drill Press with Laser, this one has the laser guide as well.  I liked what I had read, so I ordered it.  I got it in two days (thank you Amazon Prime)!  It was delivered in the OEM box which was more than sufficient protection.  It took about half an hour to unpack and assemble.  Assembly was easy and no adjustment of the lasers were required, it was dead on out of the box.  All I can say is this is an awesome little drill press, my only complaint is that I wish I had bought it sooner.