Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got a welder!

I finally broke down and bought a small welder.  I am just a hobbiest, so I feel that this will serve me best.

It is an Auto Arc and made by Hobart. It comes with a regulator, helmet, and a small cart that will hold a small gas bottle.  All parts are made by Hobart as well.

Not bad, plus free shipping!

Once I start using it, I'll be sure to give my opinions on it.

The Rear End

Well, I pulled the third member out this week end, just to see what I am working with.

Turns out I have a 9" 3.25 Traction Lock.  Not bad, but I think that I will eventually swap in a set of 3.50's or 3.70's.  It is still a truck after all.