Thursday, October 18, 2012

Got a few more parts

Got some suspension mounts for my Jaguar XJS front end, namely the sub-frame mounts and sway bar bushings..

I didn't want to mock up the front suspension with worn out mounts and Amazon had good prices.

Based on some forum threads, I decided to get some wire wheels to clean the majority of the frame from the 50+ year old under coating.

It all comes down to collecting more and seemingly more parts in hopes of getting enough to finish a small part of the project.  Till next time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Got the suspension out of the XJS!

Here are the parts I actually bought the car for.

There are several options for mounting this in any given vehicle.  Some weld it in solid, but when you do that, you loose some the ride quality that Jaguar engineered into it.  Some build brackets and bolt it solid into the frame, but you still end up with a some what harsher ride.  The third method is build the pick up points on your frame so that it just bolts in like it did in the car and that is what I plan on doing.

The rear suspension has a 2.88 Power Lock differential in it. Not bad, but I am running a 5 speed OD trans and the gear ratio's are not in my favor, so it's for sale!

I pulled the back cover and verified that it was actually a posi.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Parts, Parts, Parts and More Jaguar Parts

Well I finally gave up on the thought of keeping the straight axle under the truck.  I wanted power steer and power brakes and while converting to power disc brakes is affordable, converting to power steering isn't.   So I purchased an 85' Jaguar XJS V12!  It appears to be complete, but the interior is shot from having sit in the desert for who knows how long.  Finally I get to own a v12 engine, for a short time anyway.  It is the 5.3L (326 cubic inch) version and I'll end up selling it as well if I can even though after seeing some YouTube videos, they sound really sweet.  I'll end up selling the IRS as well.  If all goes well, I'll end up recovering my investment in the car and that will come in handy when I get ready to rebuild the front suspension.

 There is a lot of hoses under the hood of this car!

 Based on what appears to be a couple of re-paints, this cat has had a rough life, especially with no more miles that it had on it.

I have begun to disassemble the car to get the parts I want from it.  Harvesting the tender bits as it were.  It looks like all the trim is still in good shape as are the tail light assemblies. Even the TH400 seems to be good, no burnt transmission oil smell at all and the fluid is still pink.

Know anyone that needs some XJS parts???