Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slow progress, but progress none the less...

I have been working on the rear suspension getting the triangulated 4 link installed and set up correctly.  I would have killed to have a plasma cutter like the one below. (Yes, it is on my Amazon Wish list).

But for now, I am burning through 4.5" Metal Cut off wheels cutting plate to box the frame, and they get expensive pretty quickly.  I found a 50 Pack on Amazon which equates to about 55 cents each.  Much better price than the local home stores or even HF.  Free shipping to boot. They are working good for me. I also love their  I primarily use a Black and Decker angle grinder to do my cutting.  It is rock solid and I really like the trigger switch.

I think my goal is something along the lines of a mild pro-touring sort of truck.

I built a new work bench using the 2x4 Basics kit.  It turned out really well and is surprisingly solid.

Have a good one.

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