Friday, July 13, 2012

AutoArc 130 by Hobart

In a previous post I had mentioned that I got a small 110 volt welder from Amazon.  It is called an AutoArc and is made in the USA by Hobart and uses all Hobart parts.  This was important to me since, I was worried that if I needed a replacement part, I want it to be quickly available. Well I have been using the welder for a while now. Mostly just testing on scrap metal I had laying around. The welder is capable (even if I'm not) of great welds. The one thing I did notice right away was the small one pound spool of wire that it came with ran out pretty damn quickly. So I had to get some more wire. I haven't gotten a bottle of gas yet so, I just decided to order some flux cored wire which is adequate for heavier gauge steel. I got the two pack of the two pound spools this time around.  I had considered getting the 10 pound spool since I already had the Hobart Hub Kit, but decided to wait until my skills improve.


I do plan on getting a gas bottle and some solid core wire when I start doing sheet metal work on my truck.  But for right now, I am still getting the drive line in and set up properly.

More to come as I progress, both on the truck and with my welding.

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