Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Drivers side inner Cab Corner repair

So here is where I started.


I cut out all the rusted metal back into the good metal a little ways both inside and out and this was what was left, for now...

Right now I am just working on the inner cab corners and these are the easy ones comparatively.

I made a template on some poster board to include the channels on the back that I am guessing are drains.

I cut some cold rolled 18 gauge steel to match my template although just a little larger to make a precise fit.

I used my bead roller with the 1/8" step dies to create the channels.  Below is a rusted piece that I used to see
where they went.  Turned out well I think.

Here is my bead roller.  It started life as HF unit I got with a 25% coupon.  I have modified it to strengthen it.  The single biggest change that was made for the better was getting rid of the hand crank that came with it and put the wheel on it.  The wheel was the bottom off an old chair.  It makes rolling a pattern so much easier.

Here is the easy part of the inner fender.  I also fininshed the other half, but don't have any pics right now.  I'll add it later.

Here is the inner completed.

Have a good one!

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