Monday, November 11, 2013

Got a few more parts

I realized that the motor mounts and more specifically the cross member I purchased initially would not work since I have slightly notched the frame to sit the Jaguar front cross-member a tad (one inch) lower and it would have hit the cross member.  It also created a few other issues as well.  The rear sump oil pan I had planned on using now had interference issues with the rack and pinion (Jaguar cross members use a rear mount rack and pinion).  So I got a front sump oil pan and new motor mounts.

The mounts I chose to use were the Speedway Motors Weld-In units.  They fit very well with one small exception.  On the 89' 5.0L block I have, the drivers side mount needed a small notch to clear a water jacket drain plug.  (I'll post some pics later).

Here are a pic of the mounts.
Once I get everything welded in, I'll take some more pics.  The mounts are built very well out of 1/4" steel with very good welds. I am very happy with the purchase.  I had considered building my own, but after getting the steel and the urethane, it just made more sense to buy some.  It appears that these use a Mustang II lower control arm bushing as the isolator.  I guess I'll figure that detail out when they need to be replaced. 

Here is the oil pan, pick-up, and bolts I used.  I chose the chrome oil pan because the plain steel was almost as much and I would have had to paint it.

The next purchases I need are somewhat more expensive.  I need a good compressor that has the capacity to do some blasting as well as run a paint gun in the future.  It looks like most of the ones I have been looking at are in the $1000 area.

I also need to get a Argon/CO2 bottle since I am tired of the cleanup involved in flux-cored welding.  I think I will most likely end up buying a bottle that way I can just do an exchange when I need a fill.  Right now, I am torn between a 80 cuft bottle and a 125 cuft bottle.  Time (and money) will tell.

I end up buying a lot of stuff from Amazon.  If you do as well, you might want to consider getting a prime membership.  It has quite a few benefits.  The one I enjoy the most, is two day free shipping on the majority of things I purchase.  Fell free to give it a shot.  What do you have to loose with a 30 day free trial?

Have a good one.

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